Our History

Over the last 25 years our company has been constantly growing

Aytekno Engineering and Trading Company, arc furnace and induction furnace melting shop of the arc furnace, ladle furnace, continuous casting plant, dust collector, cooling water systems, ferro-alloy additive system with rods and profile rolling mill engineering, medium and high voltage transformers, compensation hormanik filter the rolling mill and construction are the main subject of our company.

Recently, we have started our customers in many countries are continuing cooperation. Find new business partners, products and engineering services to take them to our business development has been a part of our program.

Of the steel industry in Turkey development of some other companies besides our company turnkey projects to have directed, construction including our installation and commissioning of the project in a short period could be made. Our current connection if requested by the customer through the entire manufacturing Turkey, Italy, India or China as we have contacts. Us this flexibility in engineering, consulting, delivery time is short and to the possibility of making a reasonable price.

Large and long-term business relationships and establish a steel mill to improve your existing business, rolling mills, transformers and construction of equipment and engineering supplies you’ll need in the field and are ready to cooperate in the implementation.