Reheating Furnace

Aytekno supplies design, manufacture, installation and commissioning  for various metallurgical furnaces such as Soaking Furnace,Pusher Type Continuous Reheating Furnace , Walking Hearth Reheating Furnace as your necessity and Walking Beam Reheating Furnace
Considering the rolling mill  furnace capacity; we define the dimension of furnace,we select the burning system and automation,we design the refrectory ,steel structure and put the furnace into operation.

casting-furnace crucible-furnace cupola-furnace furnace-burner
furnace-efficiency induction-furnace ladle-furnace melting-furnace
reheat furnace reheating-furnace steel-furnace

Burners & Cooling Blocks

We can design, manufacture and put into the services oxy-fuel burners and supersonic oxygen injectors for  electric arc furnaces and airfuel burners for reheating furnaces.
Image00002 cooling blocks Image00003 Image00004

Scrap Buckets

We manufacture  scrap buckets from 20 m³ to 150 m³ for electric arc furnaces.
Image00003 Image00004 Image00005 Image00006
Image00007 Image00008 Image00009 scrap buckets
steel scrap


Design and manufacturing of vertical and horizontal preheaters  for liquid steel ladles in meltshops.
air preheater preheater preheaters preheating