Pad-Mounted Transformer

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Main function and features Small volume, compact structure, reliable power supply and easy for installation; it can realize single power supply, double power supply, or ring net supply, with double-fuse protection , low running cost. the casing surface is treated by electrostatic painting and has good wearing resistance. It is applicable to both ring network and single/double power supply, is convenient for shifting , and can enhance the reliability of power supply. The transformers adopts environment-friendly S11 series spiral core, non-excited voltage regulation, full-enclosed type, featuring energy saving and low noise. The amorphous alloy transformer is also available if required by clients. HV load switches and protective fuse are placed in oil filled iron tank, and the tank is of full-enclosed structure . The LV room is provided with watt-hour meters , voltmeter , and breakers of four outgoing lines , reactive power compensation can also be provided if necessary . It uses S11 series spiral core transformer amplifier , its idle loss is 30%~40% lower than S9, and noise 7~10dB lower than S9.













Application of Products
The combination transformer is characterized by reliable power supply, reasonable structure , quick installation , flexible and easy operation , small volume , low construction cost, etc. it is suitable for outdoor and indoor use, and is widely used in industrial parks, residential quarters, business centers and high risers.

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