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Transformer DataThe Transformer is a 3-phase, oil immersed Furnace Transformer for indoor erection, and with the following data:

This transformer is Used For Electric Arc Furnace

Nominal Rating      :  54000 KVA

Overloud Capacity: 60000 KVA, (20%)

Primary Voltage    : 31500 V

Secondory Voltage: 750-470 V

Dimensions :
a) Height : 4800 mm (With Oil Tank and bidirectional wheels)
b) Width : 4640 mm
c) Depth : 4550 mm (With Oil Tank)
Total weight: 81 000 kg(with oil)
Year of Product : 1988
Usage period:
Work period: 1989 – June 1994
Spare period (non working Period): Since June 1995

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