Amorphous Metal Transformer


Main Functions And Features SH15 series amorphous alloy full-sealed transformer is an epoch-making technology and trans-century “Green ” product . The iron base amorphous alloy core has high saturation magnetic induction intensity , low loss (equivalent to 1/3-1/5 of silicon sheet), low corrective force and low excitation current and good temperature stability . Compared with S9 series with silicon sheet , the no-load loss of the transformer with amorphous alloy core is reduced by 70%-80% , no-load current reduced by 20%. The amorphous alloy is a novel energy-saving material made with a fast and abrupt-solidification process and the metal atoms arrange in a disordered amorphous state and its structure completely different from crystal of silicon steel makes it easily magnetized and de-magnetized. When this novel material is used in transformer core, a running transformer may be easily subjected to 120 cycles/second of magnetizing and de-magnetizing process and thus no-load loss of the core is greatly reduced. If the said alloy is used in oil-immersed transformer, escape of harmful gases such as CO2,SO2 and NOX may be reduced and thus it is known as “ green material “ of 21st century. A model SH15 amorphous alloy product adopts a single-frame or three-phase five-legged spiral core . The core is clamped with sheet-formed frame structure and the low-voltage coil is of a foil winding type so as to render a low loss and a high short-circuit withstand . It has advanced and rational structure and its overall performances reach international advanced level.