Distribution Transformer

Its core is made of quality cold-rolled silicon sheet and is of a full-miter non-puncture structure and its coil is made of quality oxygen-free copper. It is artistic in appearance and safe in running and is widely used in transmission and distribution of industrial and agriculturalist.


Main Function And Features
It adopts radiator oil tank of corrugated sheet type or expansion type. As it doesn抰 need oil conservator, the height of transformer is reduced , and as the transformer oil doesn抰 contact with air , the oil ageing is retarded, thus prolonging the service life of transformer. The no-load loss of Model S10-M is 20% lower than that of Model S9-M , and S11-M is 30% lower than S9-M. the transformers are high in reliability , advanced in performance and rational in economical indexes . The oil tank is diversified in types and looks artistic and elegant.
Main Technical parameters for 10kV level, S9-M,S10-M,S11-M series three-phase Full-sealed No-load-tap- changing distribution transformer


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