Furnace Transformer

Furnace transformers are separated with normal power transformer with its characteristic of massive secondary currents which are the main products of Aytekno with many advantages both on quality and price. As an example a 30MVA unit at 150V would result in a secondary current of 115 kilo ampere. For these high secondary currents special bushings are required to be connected to the bus-bars. These bushings are specified with very specific arrangements to suit the bus-bar arrangement and cooling system. Furnace bus- bar are mostly water-cooled. The cooler are either of the oil forced (OFAF) or Oil forced water OFWF).


1) Low loss
2) Low noise
3) High efficiency
4) Low partial discharge
5) Strong mechanical strength and short-circuit withstand ability .
6) Operation reliability
7) Easy maintenance
8) Pretty outline and compact structure
9) 100% guaranteed no leakage


Arc furnaces are used in steel industry for smelting scrap iron and for refining steel. Other application areas are :
1) Smelting glass and ceramics
2) Manufacturing or refining many other materials etc. ferrochromium, ferromanganese, different abrasive materials (oxides and nitrides), semiconducting base materials, nanopowders etc.
3) Electric arc furnace (EAF) transformers are required for many different furnace processes and applications . they are built for :
a , Steel furnaces, mainly long arc
b, Landle furnaces
c, ferro-alloy furnace and similar with short or submerged are
d, Smelting of other materials