Machine Production in Turkey

Machine production in Turkey

A short time ago the Machinery Manufacturers Association delegation have come from Germany to Turkey to investigate the possibilities of new investments in Turkey.They  expressed that  Europe arrived at the end of production capacity,it has been announced that the delegation returned  to Germany with positive impressions. One of the firm of Germany’s upload tool producing company,  Jungheinrich Machine Turkey General Manager Christopher Hoffmann who has come for  Konya Tüyap Industry Fair said that all foreign firms in Turkey working in the sector are working with distributors, but their company itself preferred to come directly as a company to Turkey.

Have great potential

He said that the first reason to have investment in Turkey is tobe available  directly in the market.Mr. Hoffmann has drawn attention to a second reason, Turkey has a great potential in machine production.He also noted, Many Turkish companies including KOBI begin to produce for Europe. Therefore, the European quality standards must be hung. Germans and Europeans find a huge potential for investment in Turkey”

Eligible countries for investment

About 3 weeks ago a delegation from Germany Machine Manufacturers Association visited to Turkey and because of the Europe has come to the end of production capacity, they investigated  Turkey  due to new investments,  Emphasizing Hoffmann said: “In a very short time Turkey will be a serious base of machine production of Germany and  Europe ‘s ”

Hoffmann added in his words that Germany was seeking a new production base and Turkey was in the first plan amongst the alternative manufacturing bases.

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