Rectifier Transformer

Rectifier transformers are combined with a diode or thyristor rectifier. The applications range from very large aluminum electrolysis to various small and medium size operations. The transformers may have a built-in or separate voltage regulation unit for direct output regulation of diode rectifiers , and correspondingly a power factor improvement with a thyristor rectifiers.


1) Low loss
2) Low noise
3) High efficiency
4) Low partial discharge
5) Strong mechanical strength and short-circuit withstand ability .
6) Operation reliability
7) Easy maintenance
8) Pretty outline and compact structure
9) 100% guaranteed no leakage
Brief specification
1) Voltage class: 6~110 KV
2) Capacity : 630 KVA to 120,000 KVA
3) Short-circuit impedance : 4.5~21%
1) Aluminum smelting
2) Magnesium smelting
3) Copper smelting
4) Zinc smelting
5) The largest installations are those for aluminum electrolysis with several transformer/rectifier units in parallel operation to achieve the required DC current, in all cases the rectifier can be with diodes or thyristors

ZHS Series Oil immersed Rectifier Transformer Technical Parameters